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Inspecting the House for Rat Entry Holes

When you have a Tampa rat problem within your home, you need to take steps that will help you in getting them out as successfully as possible. Don’t leave the issue unattended as this may elevate into something that is more serious than you thought initially.

What to do:
The very first thing that needs to be done is to inspect the Florida home. The strategies that can be applied in making this a possibility will differ for rats and for mice. Monitoring actually allows you to identify the species that you are dealing with and to find their entrances and the places they use for hiding.

Rodent activity
There are different signs that will tell you that you are dealing with Tampa rats. The first thing you will notice is the rat droppings that are rather easy to identify. The house mouse droppings have got ends that are pointed. You may also notice some urine stains in the woodwork. There may also be a musky odor on your wood work and this can be very easy to notice.

You need to search the drawers, the counters the sinks and corners and all other areas where there is food. These areas have to be disinfected and wiped. Youneed to keep the areas checked to know whether the Florida rats have been dealt with. Inspecting the home needs to be done physically. Fecal matter and urine can be found around the entry areas. Also, you should look out for areas that have shavings and gnaw marks. Florida rats love to gnaw and will do so frequently to make it easy to trim the teeth that keep on growing. Tooth marks on doors, door casings, windows, cabinets, pipes, andon the packaged goods can be a sign that there is an issue at hand. You may find wood shavings or chips around the areas where the Tampa rats gained entrance into your space.

Burrow holes can also be usedtoenter the home. Typically, these are around an inch in diameter. Tampa rats can be able to fit into smaller spaces. Check for entry holes in the foundations, walls, corners and the baseboards. Look out for rub marks, tracks and runways. Since their eyesight is poor, theywillhug walls as they move and they memorize routes between the best and food and they rarely use stray paths. Once you identify how the Florida rats are entering your home, you can start thinking of ways in which you can eliminate them.

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