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Muscovy Duck Prevention

Florida's muscovy ducks can become nuisance for many home owners, most especially those staying close to ponds and streams. The ducks are special breeds that can become invasive in nature. Though they do have some economic benefits such as keeping insects away from farms or from homes, they can however become environmental nuisance with their behaviour. Tampa muscovy ducks often appear smelling and dirty, they may also cause the risk of certain diseases, most especially bacteria and parasitic infections.

The best possible way to prevent Florida muscovy ducks is to make use of exclusion techniques, such as the use of fences and barriers. Muscovy ducks prefer ponds and streams, and if you stay close to one, you will have to build a barrier that separates your property from the pond. Muscovy ducks don’t fly higher than 6 feet, thus your fence should be as high as such . In addition to the fence, you can install some wire on the fence to ensure that the ducks do not land and jump over. Similarly, electrical barb wires can also be used in excluding these Tampa ducks from private properties.

Muscovy duck predators can also be used in preventing the Florida ducks from constituting nuisance on your property. Predators such as dogs have been effective in chasing ducks away, however, this act has been considered in many countries as inhumane, thus it may be outlawed in your country. Other smaller predators may also be used as long as they do not kill the Tampa ducks. Killing ducks by dogs may result in the dogs dying where they can be hardly found, thus the smell emanating from their carcasses may cause serious offensive odours.

Muscovy duck repellants such as trackers, and artificial predator smells or ultrasonic devices can also be used in preventing the birds from an area but the problem with these repellants is that the ducks eventually get use to them and they wouldn’t get scared any longer. Ultrasonic devices generate certain sounds at high frequencies to scare Muscovy ducks away while duck tracker simply generate some electrical shocks when ducks land on them, thus teaching the ducks to stay away from the region. Repellants are humane ways to chase Tampa ducks away.

Some other ways of preventing Florida's muscovy ducks may include trapping. Funnel mouth traps can be used in catching the ducks and then they can be released several hundreds of kilometers away from where they are captured. Shooting is not recommended as a means of preventing Muscovy ducks.

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