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Are Coyotes Dangerous to Humans?

Florida coyotes can pose a serious danger to humans, only when the animals are sick. Recently, the outbreak of Lyme diseases in Canada has been traced to wild animals, including deer and coyotes. Coyotes can become rabid, and the tick and fleas on the skin of the animals can bite humans and transmit diseases such as rabies or Lyme disease. Ticks and mosquitoes are known to transmit diseases from animals to humans in diverse ways. Rabies is a viral infection, most found in animals, however , vaccination may stop the infection from spreading from infected to un-infected animals .

Florida coyotes can also pose dangers to humans when their fecal materials contaminate streams or ponds. Parasitic worms in the small and large intestines of coyotes can pass out through feces into streams and ponds, and when pets drink from contaminated ponds or streams, they may automatically ingest the worms and develop symptoms of heartworm infections. It is very important as humans to stay away from contaminated ponds, and streams especially when they have bruises and wounds on their skins( these are external ways of contacting diseases from contaminated water), likewise, humans are expected not to drink water from public streams and ponds.

Sick or pregnant Tampa coyotes may become aggressive against humans, especially when such animals are seen in unusual hours of the day. Humans who feed coyotes are the most vulnerable because they can be attacked when they don’t have any food to offer them. Tampa coyotes do have a dental arrangement that makes it possible for them to penetrate sharply through flesh , likewise their hinds and fore feet have sharp nails that can piece through soft materials, thus , they are quick to inflict sharp injuries on humans.

Stray Florida coyotes are known to be very dangerous to both humans and animals, such animals may be forced out of their dens by sickness or human activity that can cause destruction to their habitats. When the population of Coyotes become more rampant close to human settlements, then the risks of contracting certain diseases become higher. Tampa coyotes can also cause some destruction to some parts of properties, especially when such properties do not have fencing and they are made of wood. In the Northern American countries of USA and Canada, Coyotes are known to cause millions of damages to decks and porches, most especially when such places are often neglected for a very long time and when they are not repaired or coyotes find food near them.

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