What can Bats Chew Through?

Since ancient times people associated bats (Chiroptera) with other, mostly fantastic, a horrific night creatures. Therefore, they are persecuted and relentlessly destroying. Although most of the superstitions about them disappeared, some misconceptions remained even today about these endangered Florida animals.

In recent decades, people have started to appreciate them for their beneficial role. Tampa bats are the most important enemies of night flying insects. They are also important pollinators of plants, (at least 500 species), including banana, mango, poison ivy, poison oak, figs and agaves. What people are afraid of when it comes to Florida's bat is can they chew through walls of the houses and enter it on that way.

When you put aside what you’ve heard about these creatures, one thing is certain, there is no evidence that they can chew through wood, masonry or other materials like other rodents can do so. What they can do is sneak into the cracks in the walls or bite insulation when they come in or come out through the walls or attics. In case of great Tampa bat fear one can do things which might reduce or even solve this problem. The methods we use are different types of materials such as mesh and caulking along with detailed inspection which is something that should not be avoided. A very important tip when it comes to the fact that bats can move into your home is that you should not do your house repair when the mating season of bats is on. The fact that the baby Florida bats, if found in the cracks in the house and you close the same, may get trapped in the holes and so can die because their mothers can not have access to feed them. Tips for closing the hole is best applied after a season of maternity.

Most likely, when we think Florida's bats are chewing building materials main culprit is surely the mouse if both of them live in the same building. To summarize, bats are the ones who are responsible for the irritating sound you hear and mice are the ones who can chew building materials. In case we can not reassure you can bats or can they not chew through, we can recommend use of above mentioned building materials to protect your property from Tampa's bats. Do not despair; these are little things that can not harm you as they are usually represented like in Dracula movies. But like in most of the cases we are influenced by media and therefore it is cause for all our doubts and fears.

While in most parts of the world people are afraid of bats in China and Japan, bats are a symbol of happiness and Chinese word "Fu" means happiness and bats.

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